Why call 0800 Free from mobiles?

Well why should it be charged? 0800 numbers have been free from fixed lines from the beginning. Due to the way mobile phone networks charge their customers there has always been confusion of how these numbers are treated. Customers have often had bill shocks due to the high and hidden call charges from mobile phones to call 0800 numbers, now thanks to Call 0800 Free every mobile user in the UK can dial 0800 numbers for the same cost of dialing a local UK number.

Do I need a smart phone to use the service?

No, thankfully for classic mobile users just dial 03309779900 from any mobile and then enter the 0800 number you wish to call followed by # to connect the call.

Does this service work from all mobile networks?

Our service replaces the 0800 number with a standard UK equivalent 03 number (which is treated like a 01/02 number from all mobile networks) So it does work on all Major mobile operators including Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Three and other operators such as Virgin, Tesco, Sainsburys, Lyca, Lebara and GifGaf mobiles as well.

What is an 03 number? Will I be able to call it for free?

03 numbers, introduced in 2007 are an alternative to the local 01 and 02 numbers that is not specific to any geographic location. These numbers allow anyone to have a single point of contact without customers being charged extra. The calls to 03 numbers are the same as any number starting with 01 or 02 and under Ofcom regulations must always count towards any inclusive minutes as part of the minutes offered by mobile phone and fixed line network operators.

Can I still use your service if I do not have inclusive minutes to call UK landlines?

Our access number for the 0800 service is charged at a local rate, which might be still cheaper than calling 0800 direct from your mobile. Please do check your mobile rate/tariff if you want to be sure and would like to save more on your calls.

Do you have a similar app to call 0845, and other expensive numbers such as 0871 or 0870?

Well we are currently developing many such applications that you can use to save money on your national and international calls. Please check the Useful apps section from time to time to see the latest apps we ofer.

How does this service make money if it is free?

Well we hope you enjoy using our service, though we do not earn much we do still receive a tiny amount of revenue for this service. It would really help if you share this service with as many people as possible and help them save money on 0800 calls from mobiles.

Can you share some tips on how this service can be made easier to use by non smart phone users?

Most mobiles support pauses in their dial pads. Just add a pause after dialing 03309779900 and the 0800 number and save this to your contacts so you can dial direct next time without remembering the 0800 number. On Nokia phones press * 3 times until p appears, from Samsung and Motorola phones press + and hold until p appears. If you want support just call us and we will be happy to help you.